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Social audit is expected to result in: How far do you feel you can go in this company? If Gram Sabha is constituted for every revenue village, it covers a population ranging between and 4, House tax, Profession tax and Advertisement tax are the commonly levied taxes.

This indeed is the greatest achievement of the new Act. What are the most challenging aspects of the position? Members of the Gram Sabha, all sections of the representative bodies-Village Panchayat, Intermediate Panchayat and District Panchayat through their representatives could raise issues of social concern and public interest and demand explanation.

Do you like to work? These powers indirectly empower Gram Sabhas to carry out Social Audit in addition to performing other functions. The Up-pradhan is also elected He ensures the implementation of the decisions and resolutions of the Samiti and its Standing Committees 3.

What percentage of communications, routine, detailed work will I encounter? What are the challenges I would face in this position over the next three months?

Village Panchayat

The following list are questions an applicant might ask the interviewer: The Gram Sabha is the repository of power over decision-making for rural development, over the management of natural resources and even over the local adjudication of justice, specially in Schedule V Areas.

Can you describe an ideal employee? The panchayat is further divided into wards, smaller areas with its own representatives or ward panchs. A Assistant ProfessorP. Members were elected by adult male villagers and the Panchayat was entrusted with local functions, mainly of a civil nature.

Believe it or not, the people you interview usually want you to be professional. This explains why some mukhiyas are more powerful but have contributed nothing to their panchayat. When can I expect to hear from you?

The day marks the passing of the Constitution Act 73rd Amendment, that came into existence with effect from April 24, The system of Village Panchayat is a good thing.

Would you be willing to take less money?

Essay on Village Panchayat

Obligatory duties of the Panchayats were mainly of a civil nature that is, making provisions for sanitation, street lights and drinking water. Interested in General Knowledge and Current Affairs? Production Committee to look after functions related to agriculture, animal husbandry, rural industries and poverty alleviation programmes.

What are your greatest weaknesses? They were virtually ruling over the village according to the customary laws. Organization of Gram Sabhas in villages helps the Panchayat in selecting the beneficiaries.

During the Mughal period the village Panchayats remained unaffected. What did you like about your last job? The discretionary functions covered the fields of agriculture, cooperation, animal husbandry, self-defence and other such administrative and development works.

Further, the functionaries who are found violating the established norms in the implementation of development programmes should be punished. Explain the concept of a database in 3 sentences to your 7 year old nephew. The gram sabha is represented by a panchayat and elects a president who is the sarpanch.

The size of the Gram Sabha differs from State to State.In a Gram Panchayat the Secretary is appointed as the Public Information officer, for all applications pertaining to Gram Panchayat Scheme’s, And the Executive Assistant is the first appelate authority (FAA).

Contact (PACT India) for drafting any RTI matter and consultancy free of cost, + You are ravi write a letter of complain to your gram pradhan of your village about the road problem. How to write a letter to the chairman of municipality for new drainage line and metal road in my locality?

What questions will be asked in a second interview?

How can i write a letter to panchayat for damaring of road? - Letter to panchayat president. Sign In. Or use an existing account. Discuss about the Concept of Village Panchayat in respect of Constitutional Analysis.

Ans. It is the oldest system of local government in the Indian subcontinent. Each village has a gram sabha made up of people in an area over the age of 18 and are citizens of India.

The gram sabha is represented by a panchayat and elects a president who is the sarpanch. The village Panchayat has a Secretary to help the Panchayat in its work. The Secretary is a Government servant. The Panchayat manages some village institution. Conclusion: The system of Village Panchayat is a good thing.

It is an elected body. The villagers can vote out the Panchayat office-bearers if they do not work satisfactorily. The Village Panchayat President himself has been designated as the Executive Authority.

Cheques for payment have to be signed jointly by the President and Vice-President.

Write about village panchayat president
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