Why i love poetry

Poetry is the precise word for the precise thought, and for someone to enjoy reading a delightful poem due to its preciseness is a wonderful situation to be in.

They both used figurative language figure of speech and figure of sound ; both have subject matter storyimagery and symbolism, and theme central idea. Writing your own poetry is a brilliant way of coming to appreciate poetry, but while we wrote poetry in Latin classes, in 12 years of English lessons I only wrote a poem once.

Art itself is so vulnerable, to time, to indifference, especially in a society like ours that cares nothing for the potentials art offers, that if anything seeks to repress them in the name of profit or proper order.

I Love You Poems

Life hardly gets any better than this. Now I nourish them at home, on the lake, in my garden. I actually barely understand it most of the time, which I find both infuriating and invigorating. Stevens also wrote that "Newness not novelty may be the highest individual value in poetry.

On average, once the words start to flow, it takes me about an hour to come up with a reasonably polished first draft — about the same time I spend on a blog post. Art reminds us of the uniqueness, particularity, and intrinsic value of things, including ourselves.

Why I Love You Poem

I am often bored, and undoubtedly I am sometimes boring. To save the world would be to stop it, to fix it in Why i love poetry and time, to drain it of what makes it world: I actually looked forward to them for many reasons, but the main one was a poster of Emily Dickinson that hung right by the exit.

A self-consciously avant-garde poem can be as rote as the most bland pseudo-autobiographical anecdote, if its writing is not approached in a true spirit of adventuring into possibility. Poe definitely fueled my interest in horror flicks that still haunts me today. The poem is a palpable sensuous entity or it is nothing.

Sometimes prose can be very close to poetry. For a long time my poetry emerged from and was fueled by an impulse to rescue my mother from her own death and from the wreckage of her life, out of which I emerged, in both senses of the word. Yet, I have always been attracted to it. Like any object of love, that also means that the poem will resist its creator, just as the world resists us.

His attitude is cordial yet respectful, and I feel totally pampered as I sink back in my plush velvet chair. As the sun sinks over New Jersey, the handsome young pianist at the baby grand begins a Gershwin tune. II I write not to be bored. Routledge and Kegan Paul, The aesthetic impulse is the enemy of the lived moment: Each individual part illuminates and is illuminated by both every other part and the corpus as a whole.

Above all, I desire an experience, a mode of experience available to me only through poetry. Mar10 Sylvia Plath Writing poetry is a wonderful way to jumpstart your creativity and hone your writing skills.

The world cannot be saved, in any of the several senses of the word. The possibility of suffering being redeemed by art, being made meaningful and thus real as opposed to merely actual, something that happens to exist, happens to occuris still vital to me.

Why I love poetry, despite my English classes

My wife, Carol, knew I liked Poe all too well. Read more So my love of poetry has been built up piecemeal over the years, from listening to Edward Lear and AA Milne, from quotations pinned to the walls of the English classroom, from declaiming Yeats on the seashore, a school visit by Carol Ann Duffy, song lyrics by Kate Bush and David Bowie, Latin translation and drama lessons.

Poems should be interesting, should engage and hold the interest. Modern Language Association, Stevens insisted that "In poetry, you must love the words, the ideas and images and rhythms with all your capacity to love anything at all" III Any artistic medium calls forth a self and a world which exist specifically in their relationship to that medium, a self which did not exist prior to that engagement.

Its content helps people try to understand the central idea, which the poetic persona exemplifies in the story. They survive because they bring death" That the people and things I love will die wounds me as well.

Works Cited Adorno, Theodor. She never reprimanded me; however, she kept asking me to give her a chance. Windows on the World I see myself alone, perched high above the city, sipping Chardonnay.

Yet despite this I do love poetry. It was in Latin lessons that we studied in detail why that word was next to that one, how having a verb at the beginning of a line affected the feeling of the poem, or why an unusual word gave a unique flavour to the piece of writing.Poetry rescues nothing and no one, but it embodies that helpless, necessary will to rescue, which is a kind of love, my love for the world and the things and people in the world.

In a graduate contemporary poetry class I took some twenty years ago, a fellow student complained that a poem we were reading was "Just trying to immortalize this. Frances Myatt: Although poetry tended to be a bit thin on the ground in my English lessons, I still discovered the joy of poetry in unexpected places.

Mar 10,  · Seven reasons I love writing poetry.

Why I Love Poetry

Mar Sylvia Plath. Writing poetry is a wonderful way to jumpstart your creativity and hone your writing skills. A decade ago, I wouldn’t have dared write this sentence, much less declare myself a poet, but now I have no qualms about it.

After all, who decides who’s a poet and who isn’t? Poetry was no longer a foreign language to me but an extension of who I was. I began to actively seek out poems to read, to love, and to cherish.

Emily Dickinson was no longer a ghost haunting my very being but a kind reminder of what was always a page away.

Jan 10,  · Poetry for the "Why" Robert Frost said, "Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words." Now, without defining what poetry is, because that would be a debate and a whole Q&A in itself, I would like to assume the.

How are poetry and prose alike?Why do people like poetry? How is the enjoyment of poetry unlike the enjoyment of prose? Those who love poetry love language and what can be achieved with.

Why i love poetry
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