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Interesting characters emerge, like British general Andrew William Johnson, an Irish fur trader who has an exceptional ability to bridge the cultural divide, and his friend, the Mohawk Chief Hendrick.

On the other hand, George Washington wanted to persuasive the Indians to get on their side however, most Indians refuse to brake their neutrality. The British General was wounded in this battle and died soon after. An Eastern Delaware chief named Teedyuscung proves instrumental in securing victory for Forbes.

They begin to attack settlements, taking women like Mary Jemison captive as part of their spiritual mourning tradition for lost warriors. The Native Indians had been living in the new world for centuries.

With the Stamp Act and the Tea tax, the time arrives to declare independence from the Crown that they had been so willing to serve just twenty years before. The Indians knew The war that made america essay could not fight neither empire on their own so many stayed neutral planning to pick whichever side won the war.

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North America was rich in land and many people wanted to come over to make money. After a disastrous skirmish that leaves a French diplomatic envoy dead and a resounding defeat in his first full-scale battle at Fort Necessity, Washington becomes an aide to General Edward Braddock, who was sent from England with a large force to evict the French and gain control of the strategic Forks of the Ohio.

While French and English officers are disgusted by Indians they perceive as barbarians, they are forced into uneasy alliances with them. They feel betrayed and disrespected as partners in the victory and loyal British subjects, and their economic interests in the western territories are at stake.

Great Britain thought they would find gold in North America and they sent gentlemen to look for gold. The war is also taking a terrible toll on their allied Indian tribes, which are decimated by disease and hunger. The French and the British were fighting each other but it was the Indians who would decide who win this war.

Britain becomes more determined to win the war and sends thousands more troops, setting the stage for the next phase of the war. This was a deadly battle ending only after three hours. Decisively aided by the Iroquois, he brings the war, and French influence in Canada, to an end.

He had a new strategy and wanted to attack the French from three different places. The British wanted to attack them in the Ohio country. They captured women, children, men, and whoever they could find. The fall of Lewis Burg turned the war around.

The War That Made America

The British prepared for this battle and had way more troops then the French however, they did not have the support of the Indians which was the hey to victory.

After weeks of searching for gold, the British started building shelters so Great Britain send troops and food to support them.The globe's first true world war comes vividly to life in this "rich, cautionary tale" (The New York Times Book Review) The French and Indian War -the North American phase of a far larger conflagration, the Seven Years' War-remains one of the most important, and yet misunderstood, episodes in /5(5).

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Title Page The War that Made America.

The war that made america essay
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