Social problems exam 2 study guide

But we focused in the last week on what to do about social problems. How is oil connected to US foreign policy and war? Some rationalization is ok, normal, necessary, but as it becomes irrational it is considered mcdonaldized?

Lots of competition, but as society becomes more complex, the process still offers advantages, and certain people or groups will step in to try to seize them. The short-answer questions, you are expected to explain a concept and give an example that illustrates your understanding OR to give a brief no more than one or two paragraph response directly answering the question.

Hence the need for lots of marketing, packaging. Businesses are built around efficiencies that either save money or generate profit. This study guide should be used to guide your studying. What was Eisenhower warning against in his farewell speech to the nation in ?

Use your own judgment, depending on how you like to study. McDonaldization deals with control to some extent. McDonaldization is a subset of the much broader historical process of rationalization. Use the restaurant model as a way to think about other possible problems with McDonaldization—how workers are treated, controlled, paid, the quality of products or services, the cost and profit issues, predictability, etc.

Use this Study Guide along with the Detailed Readings website in order to focus your study. Your job here would be to fill in the details as to how it does these things. How do they enlist public support? Josh will have office hours on Wednesday 6th-7th periods online and Thursday 7th period in person in Turlington Total efficiency and calculability, but also control of how the sandwich is made, leading to a presumably predictable culinary outcome.

How do war and terrorism fit in this picture?

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If McDonaldization is a form of social control, how? Well, possibly not in the near future. Social problems Remember the point of this class—to give you different ways to analyze social problems. Also, if you look at all of the above bullet points as separate, this seems overwhelming.

But who controls the parties? I will have office hours on Wednesday 6th period online and Thursday 7th-8th periods in person.

There is a difference between McDonaldization and rationalization? Compare that to the corporate bozos from Druthers talking about making the deluxe quarter in this video—talk about rationalizing a process.

What does that mean in this case? It is not an exhaustive list of information you need to know, but is highlights some of the important information we have covered so far. As individuals citizens, consumersstructurally can markets and prices influence behavior, taxation, laws and policiesorganizations and institutions social movements, activism, etc.

Having well-paid master mechanics is a different way to organize a garage.Test and improve your knowledge of Social Problems in Sociology with fun multiple choice exams you can take online with Study Guide &. Contemporary Social Problems Exam 2 Study Guide 10/28/16 Chapter 3 Alcohol and Drugs Drug Definition Common Drugs/Alcohol.

soc 1 / exam #2 / directions & study guide DIRECTIONS: This is a 2 part exam. Part 1 consists of an in-class multiple-choice portion during which ONE page (front and back) of notes may be used. Study 80 Social Problems Exam 2 flashcards from Tony G.

on StudyBlue. Study Guide- Exam 1 The exam will be on Thursday, October 1st from in our normal classroom. To prepare for the test, be sure you have completed all of the readings, reviewed your reading notes, reviewed your class notes (from lectures, discussions, films and activities) and the ICA questions.

Study Social Problems discussion and chapter questions and find Social Problems study guide questions and answers.

Social problems exam 2 study guide
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