Micro and macro factors of business environment in india

These six forces are largely uncontrollable by management. However it goes to the credit of the country that it was the first in the world to adopt family planning as a state policy. Perhaps the most important breakthrough is miniaturization of electronic products. For example, the availability of minerals such as iron, coal etc.

Economic Environment and Non-Economic Environment! The elements of the microenvironment affect directly and regularly to the firm which is just opposite in the case of the macro environment. Potential shortages of certain raw materials e.

Industrial licensing has been abolished and private sector can now invest and produce many industrial products without getting license from the government. Since the society is a collection of the organisations and social institutions, it is evident that they are affected to a considerable degree by cultural forces in the environment.

There is little scope of mobility among the social classes in such a society. Noise pollution refers to an unwanted and unwarranted sound created at a wrong time and in a wrong place, causing physical and psychological disturbances to the people who are subject to the hearing of these noises.

For example, steel producing industrial units are set up near coal mines to save cost of transporting coal to distant locations. Again we people as the member of society are interested in environmental friendly products like soap-less soap, smokeless cigarette, diet beer, high tech food, fast food and so on.

Besides, the growth rate of population and age composition of population determine the demand pattern of goods. A high growth rate indicates that the economy is a developed one.

But the country subjected all outputs and other factors to rigid price and quantity controls, investment was strictly rationed, there were multiple barriers to entry, and the objective of the financial system was to supply subsidised development funds irrespective of returns.

When the quality of environment deteriorates, it is said that the environment is getting polluted. Environmentalism has now sprung up. It affects economic growth, our standard of living, and our culture.

Macro and Micro Environment of Marketing (With Diagram)

The environment which is not specific to a particular firm but can influence the working of all the business groups is known as Macro Environment. BPRE essentially involves considering how things would be done if the organization were to start all over from scratch.

Emission of smoke from oil refineries, burning of trees and plants in forests, burning of coal, etc. They are macro- environmental forces because change in any of them can change in one or more of the others. They have also to adapt themselves to their child care services, labour welfare programmes etc.micro and macro environments Micro Environment Factors The suppliers: Suppliers can control the success of the business when they hold the power.

The supplier holds the power when they are the only or the largest supplier of their goods; the buyer is not vital to the supplier’s business; the supplier’s product is a core part of the buyer. Doing business in the fast food industry will be beneficial, but macro environmental factors must be considered like political, economic, legal, and technological.

Political Factors Political factors play an important role in business operations. India is known as the largest democracy in the world. The macro-proximate environment and the macro-widened mint-body.com-widened environment include those factors that can vary from day to day and which the firm has no direct power in changing its fators, such as demographic factors, legal factors, technological factors, political factors and several.

Environment of Business: Micro and Macro. Article shared by: After reading this article you will learn about the micro and macro environment of business.

Micro Environment of Business: The micro environment consists of the factors of the firm’s immediate environment, (Fig.

). However emerging economies like India, China and Brazil saw development in hypermarkets helping the growth of FMCG markets in these countries. Macro environmental opportunities: India has Vast Rural Market with majority of population where the market is still untapped market.

India has cheap labour to provide cost. We explain below important factors or forces of micro-level external environment. Suppliers of Inputs: An important factor in the external environment of a firm is the suppliers of its inputs such as raw materials and components.

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Micro and macro factors of business environment in india
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