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Moreover, it may have contributed to a drop in necessity ratings for the older-era appliance it has partially supplanted.

So culture — which at first sight may seem to be a luxury — turns out, after all, to be an all-time necessity. Taken together, about two-in-three American families have faced at least one of these problems in the past year — with young adults, women and the less affluent more likely than others in the population to have been affected.

Why is it good that such things exist, even for those who are not interested in them? It depends upon leisure — both the leisure of those who produce it and the leisure of those who enjoy it.

Scientific and technical knowledge may confer collective mastery over the means to our ends. The survey does find that the recession has touched Luxury or necessity essay lives of most Americans in one way or another.

Luxury or Necessity? The Public Makes a U-Turn

But, in every period of history, benefactors have stepped in to make those sacrifices possible. He shows how the fault and its remedy lie deep within ourselves. Shakespeare portrays, in the character of King Lear, the slow crumbling of a vain old man as he discovers the difference between real and fake devotion.

No longer do substantial majorities of the public say a microwave oven, a television set or even home air conditioning is a necessity. Hispanics are of any race. In the Albert Hall, for a few pounds and a bit of queuing, you can listen during the season of Promenade concerts to the greatest orchestras from all over the world.

Certainly Shakespeare thought so: We can see the point of scientific and medical advances, since they offer knowledge that will benefit us all, even if we do not understand it.

Aged 14, quite by accident, I discovered the soul of Mozart. This, the Jews say, we should all do — put aside a day in the week when we rest from our labours and stop being merely busy about our purposes, but learn to reflect on them and judge between them.

What is that necessary thing? About this Survey Results for this survey are based on telephone interviews conducted with a nationally representative sample of 1, adults living in the continental United States. To think Luxury or necessity essay a high culture could really exist without patronage of that kind is to ignore the hard work and dedication required by any serious work of art.

For example, we all recognise the difference between means and ends. I might have gone through life without ever discovering this art form that cast an enchantment over my days that has been equalled by little else.

Those that have this knowledge will do whatever they can to perpetuate it. Art makes us conscious of what we are and what we can hope to be, and it does so through moments of revelation in which all our being is aroused.

Similarly, the proportion that considers a dishwasher or a clothes dryer to be essential has dropped sharply since It was only by chance that we acquired a piano and a wind-up gramophone. Shakespeare believed that it was good for people to be alert to their condition Similar things can be said about all great works of art, and those who are moved by them have a beauty and completion in their lives that is hard to obtain in any other way.

The arts form the core of high culture: They will teach it to their children; they will put pressure on schools and universities to do the same. High culture is the Sabbath of busy people, the moment of sitting down and listening, seeing, thinking, so that meaning can dawn.

We can take a lesson here from the Jewish idea of the Sabbath. And they make sacrifices in order to do so.

They cannot describe what they see, and that is why the highest forms of art exist — not to describe the meaning, but to reveal it, as the loveliness of the world was revealed on that first imagined Sabbath.

About one-in-five say they or another member of their household has had problems making mortgage or rent payments. Seeing through Shakespeare Still, what does high culture do for us? Great artists, writers and composers are people with an urge to create.

People who do this are the friends of order in a world of entropy, for they see, in the depths of the swirling pool, the still point where meaning lies. Monarchs not only take an interest in poets and painters but also employ them or offer them pensions, as King George III offered a pension to Dr Johnson.

Survey interviews conducted under the direction of Princeton Survey Research Associates International. Instead, nearly half or more now see each of these items as a luxury. These form the web of society, the many threads of which we hardly notice in peace-time, though they pull together in war, which is why so many of those who experienced the last war look back on it with nostalgia, as a time of togetherness and trust.Open Document.

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Is High Culture a Luxury, or a Necessity?

Roger Scruton argues that high culture is not a luxury, but a necessity in our modern lives. Read the essay in full. Roger Scruton argues that high culture is not a luxury, but a necessity in our modern lives. Read the essay in full. Is High Culture a Luxury, or a Necessity?

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Ghina Tabash luxury goods Essay customers towards. lifestyle: a necessity or just a luxury Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, even in tough economic times, is a necessity and not a luxury as I will demonstrate in this essay. When you are physically, mentally and spiritually healthy, you only get positive reinforcements from a healthy lifestyle.

Luxury or necessity essay
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