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To wit the Kaitlyn Hunt case. The petition had already seen nearlysignatures at the time this went to press. Have a nice day! In the arrest affidavit when asked if she knew it was wrong to have sex with a fourteen year old Hunt replies that "she did not think about it because the girl acted older".

Julia Graves, the attorney for Kaitlyn Hunt, sent out an email message echoing the ACLU statement almost exactly and stating that she is now working with the organization and with Equality Florida on the case.

He wrote, "As much as we want your support, we also want to keep things accurate and free of exaggeration, even when it engenders sympathy.

Men are arguably shortchanged in divorce and child custody claims. The age of consent in Florida is 16, meaning that sex between the two girls is illegal.

However, a Windy City Times investigation indicates that "facts" in the case have been misrepresented and that those misrepresentations have largely undergirded the criticisms of charging Hunt with a crime.

How would that work? The charges are that Hunt was in a sexual relationship with a minor, then aged 14, starting in Kaitlyn hunt treated unfairly debate Kaitlyn hunt treated unfairly debate do not have to register for selective service, though I think that will change soon.

Both were students at Sebastian River High School last year. The statements and views of The Urban Politico staff are our own and do not in any way reflect those of our respective employers. But my discomfort, of that of any another parent, should not be the basis on which public policy is determined.

Hunt had been arrested in February. So it appears that younger youth are just as capable of making healthy sexual decisions as are older youth, and yet they are treated differently under the law. Anonymous and several commenters on the petition insist that the prosecution is a result of "intolerance.

Would we not start measuring the rope for the lynching party? Some think this to be the greatest civil rights issue of our time.

If you need to be mean, just know that the longer you stay on this page, the more you help us. Hunt was 18 years old when the relationship began. Press reports say the group has "vowed" to collectsignatures to demand that the officials in charge be made to resign.

But that deal is no longer on the table, since Hunt violated the terms of her bail and continued to communicate with her girlfriend. Authorities recently offered Hunt a plea deal that would require her to do community service and maintain a curfew for the next two years. They met in a Florida high school.

She did not turn 15 until two months after the arrest. She turned 18 in August of The original goal was 1, signatures. In addition with the sex offender conditions, Kaitlyn would be subjected to sitting in group counseling meetings with legitimate convicted sex offenders that the law was truly meant for.

In light of the new evidence, prosecutors have levied an additional charge against Hunt: Formal equality under the law is a funny thing.

Send WhatsApp Kaitlyn Hunt, the year-old lesbian who faces charges of lewd and lascivious battery for having sex with a minor, is back in jail after authorities discovered that she ignored a court order to steer clear of her underage girlfriend.

Refusing the plea offer means that the case will now go to trial. This means that two people of the same gender should be able to marry just as two people of the opposite gender can. In her email, Graves said, "It is my hope that Kaitlyn will be able to move forward with her life and an important dialogue begins in this nation about adolescent relationships and the age of consent regardless of sexual orientation.

Some of them were sexual in nature, and the two girls apparently sent nude pictures and masturbated while communicating. Hunt has refused a plea deal and appears ready to proceed to trial. At the same time, some publicly disseminated statements about her case appear to be inaccurate.

The jury can decide the facts if the older person wants to go to trial. There is likewise no statistical difference in the reporting of STIs.The Indian River County state attorney's office arrested Kaitlyn Hunt, now 18 years old, on a charge of lewd and lascivious battery of a child 12 to 16 years of age because of her relationship.

This particularly appears to be the Kaitlyn Hunt case given and yet they are treated differently under the law.

Teen lesbian back in jail after continuing illegal affair with underage lover

But while we are having a public debate on the appropriateness of the. Aug 20,  · Hunt’s parents have outspokenly supported their daughter, and allege that she is being treated unfairly because of anti-gay bias. Authorities recently offered Hunt a plea deal that would require her to do community service and maintain a curfew for the next two years.

Kaitlyn's attorney Julia Graves, believes Kaitlyn is being treated unfairly. She cited a case in which an year-old male, a Vero Beach High School student, had sexual intercourse with a Many mint-body.com signers say Hunt is being treated unfairly because she is a lesbian. “Being gay and in a same-sex relationship, I find this ridiculous and appalling,” wrote Nathan Johnstone of.

Shut Up and Put Kaitlyn Hunt Behind Bars

May 21,  · "Kaitlyn Hunt, an year-old high school student in Sebastian, Fla., is facing charges and has been expelled from school for having a same-sex .

Kaitlyn hunt treated unfairly debate
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