Human needs and tendencies

They have to do with religion, art, music, decoration, invention, love, beauty etc. We look at the needs of plants and animals and how they satisfy those needs. Depending on the stage of ones life, human tendencies will manifest in the ways the individual allows.

Dogs can have long hair and short hair. Manipulation by way of movement is essential in order to physically grasp an item. The same would be true of art materials, which would also be arranged according to type rather than particular activity.

It helps us to make logical sequences and draw reasonable conclusions from the facts. Repetition is crucial in helping an individual remember something.

Abstraction is the mental ability to be able to consider something specific apart from a particular instance. They are present from the beginning of life and human history. The drive towards coordination of movement was essential for the survival of the species.

The greatest possible satisfaction one can have is to become a conscious master of himself. They are the reason that a young child wants to know how things are made, and why children are filled with wonder when they enter a forest.

The Tendencies of Humans

Humans delight in conveying thoughts, feelings, and information to each other. It is also linked to the development of technology, such as transportation and communication Maria Montessori Institute, London 3 4 Curiosity: We have the innate tendency to achieve the best result. The tendency to work is related to the tendencies of activity and manipulation.

About Us Understanding Human Tendencies There are basic human tendencies that assist the natural development of all human beings. Because of this, Montessori teachers do not need to force their students to work; children are naturally drawn to the materials because they appeal to their instinctive drives.

We cannot stop the tendencies from working, but we can do several things to aid them: Children must internalize the idea of order to help them learn concepts such as sequence, sorting, and logical thinking.

Exploration leads to new thinking, ideas and innovation. This does not mean there is a lack of order in the Elementary environment, but it is more flexible.

Communication is a way to gain and share knowledge. It is part of the foundation for what we call moral development. This repetition allows them to reach closer to perfection.

Even children who have very little to play with will find ways to be active through games, songs, dance, and pretend play. They facilitate humans in adaptation and the creation of a way of life.

Have you ever seen a child get upset because something was put back in the wrong place? This ability gave the Modern Humans a distinct advantage over the other human-like species of the time. Being aware of the tendencies helps us put our focus on the children, not the curriculum. This is the ability to integrate body, mind and will in harmony with the environment, both physical and social.


One mentally observes through their senses as a means to seek survival, as well as pursue progress and meaning. Communication allows us to share our thoughts and feelings with one another. Through control of error, man proceeds towards self-perfection thereby performing tasks more efficiently, conserving energy by doing things faster, better.Apr 10,  · Human tendencies have evolved because of the need for protection and security.

This evolution and the struggle of daily life have led humans to levels of innovation and prosperity never imagined. Physical and emotional needs go hand in hand.

Human Needs and Tendencies

Our survival as a species is much more complex than other animals and in order to fulfill our needs throughout life, we must rely on what Montessori called human tendencies. These human tendencies are universal and constant. Montessori Teacher Training and Parent Resources Certified Online Montessori Teacher Training.

Home Main Menu. Human Needs and Tendencies. By on in 4. Sensitive Periods, 6. The underlying tendencies that drive human behavior are everywhere, in every culture and throughout time.

The Human Tendencies. By: Dave Kosky, Lower Elementary Director. Humans were given the gifts of intelligence, love, reason and will. We have the power to modify. Human Needs and Tendencies 1. Definition 2. Human Needs a. Physical needs i.

Food ii. Clothing iii. Shelter iv. Defense v. Transportation b. Spiritual needs. Feb 17,  · Human Needs and Tendencies 1 - Needs Humans have two types of needs, physical and spiritual. Without one or the other, the person will have less .

Human needs and tendencies
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