Godiva chocolatier swot

The company desires to increase distribution channels outside London utilizing similar associate if the strategy works in London. In Singapore particularly, the company is exceedingly doing well. There are vast Infrastructures in this country, and thus the company has taken this opportunity and introduced online shopping for its products.

Godiva Chocolatier Swot

It consists of Singapore islands, several islets within its territorial waters. Channels Godiva chocolatier swot distribution The company first decides to increase its distribution channels in London without necessary increasing its investment in actual stores.

The company has various options to consider, for example, to distribute the chocolate premium products aggressively across many channels. Since women do most of the purchasing, advertising should, therefore, focus on women magazines and billboards.

Marketing target Godiva chocolate deals with Chocolates products and, therefore, the main target of its market is chocolate lovers. According to the above analysis, this company is highly preferred by many lovers of chocolate in all the place its has set stores.

This is because the prices were standardized by the European Union, and; therefore, the company must comply with the union and standardize its prices. Shell molding Godiva chocolatier swot mostly practiced in Europe and is used in manufacturing most of the Godiva chocolates.

The company has over varieties of products for various occasions. Additionally, it has become one of the most open economies for both trade and investment nationally and globally. It is globally connected with a multicultural and international city states and towns and offers one of the best conducive environments globally to do business and for success driven industries.

The company, therefore, is deciding on working on the quality of the product to be reflected in the high prices set. When these collections of the shell-molded chocolates are packed in one of the stylish package, they become appealing even to the most discerning customers in the market. To capture this world class group, the company offers a variety of packaging designs, which are artfully designed to fit the targeted people.

The market can be divided to reach those with low earnings, as well as those with high earnings Cohen, Godiva customize its chocolate products to meet and fit in the demand of local cultures.

The pricing strategy includes establishing further premium pricing on those products that are best selling for retail rich segments and come up with the best pricing and volume combination. For example, in United States chocolates are pre-packed but in Singapore, chocolates collections are custom made.

In addition, there are varieties of products for different occasions such as for special gifts. This group of consumers mostly looks for premium and highly customized products. This will consequently increase the target market for Godiva products.

Godiva Company has placed its products where customers can easily access them. Therefore, this gives the company a wider target market. The affluent retail market entails retails clients and customers who have a preference for premium and expensive products. This country is strategically situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula.

Promotion strategy The aim of Godiva promotion message into the global and common campaign is to unify its advertising message. Introduction of discount pricing for all the corporate segment for the first time client, and also a for longer time clients, that is, those clients that have been in business for more than three years.

Godiva, after carefully market research in Singapore, developed strategies of entering into this market. Product positioning Product positioning is the unique way of offering the products in the market.

However, this would have a large drawback on the company since it would dilute the premium luxury brand name. It faces competition from both local and international industries.

One possible premium retail channel tie-up that can be considered is Starbucks Coffee. Companies and organizations operating in this country are guaranteed access to competent and unbiased judicial system, transparency and consistence in government guidelines, implementation of strong and good corporate governance policy, as well as anticorruption policies.

Godiva expanded beyond its traditional chocolate business by innovating and introducing new product categories, keeping up to local festivals and developing new marketing campaigns.

The company has a variety of products that its offers in the market depending on the customers demands. Godiva Theater is a domestic strategy that can be used in promotion of products, in Singapore. The other group in the corporate segment is for corporate incentives programs. In addition, the company sells other complementary products to these chocolates products which include Godiva ice cream, Godiva white chocolate liquor, among others.

In Singapore, the market can be divided to include the haves and the have not. Aside from the traditional use of its website as a mode of distribution channel, Godiva features its chefs and their credentials to create brand resonance with their consumers.

Price In Europe, Godiva does not have much say in terms of setting up prices for their products. For example, many customers require custom made products and package which the company is able to offer widely. CASE STUDY ‘’ GODIVA CHOCOLATIER AND GODIVA GEMS’’ Godiva Chocolatier is a manufacturer of premium chocolates and related products.

Godiva, founded in Belgium inwas purchased by the Turkish Yıldız Holding, owner of the Ülker Group, on November 20, Godiva Chocolatier is a multinational Company that deals with manufacturing of premium chocolates and other products related to chocolates.

Godiva was founded inin Belgium, but later purchased by the Turkish Yildiz Holdings, the owner of Ulker Group. View Notes - STRATEGIC MARKETING FOR GODIVA CHOCOLATES from BUSINESS at University of Texas. STRATEGIC MARKETING FOR GODIVA CHOCOLATES TABLE OF CONTENTS I.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A. History of71%(7). Transcript of Godiva Presentation.

Key Dates: Draps family begins making chocolate in Brussels, Belgium. SWOT Analysis Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats Efficient manufacturing Good Market shares Strong Reputation Skilled Workforce Poor Planning “Godiva Chocolatier and Godiva Gems” The product offered by.

Godiva reached out to its consumers through its user-friendly virtual shop and disturbing its product in major grocery stores.

Building consumer communication is the key to stay relevant in consumers' mind. Apart from its current Facebook page and Twitter account, the new email lightboxes on its home page allows Godiva consumers to be updated.

Company history Godiva Chocolatier is a multinational Company that deals with manufacturing of premium chocolates and other products related to chocolates.

Godiva was founded inin Belgium, but later purchased by the Turkish Yildiz Holdings, the owner of Ulker Group.

Godiva chocolatier swot
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