General banking activities of jamuna bnak

The manner in which the account is operated. I used journals, brochures, manuals and several books on Finance and Banking to prepare this report.

The discount charged is the earning of the bank. Acts as tax Consultant Commercial bank acts as tax consultant to its client. This is a descriptive type of research. In the event of death of any joint account holders, the survivor or survivors shall be requested to close the old account and open a new account in the name of surviving account holders.

Its success depends on offering best service to its customers. To ensure an adequate rate of return on investment. If a partnership Deed is submitted the same should be accepted and recorded with the bank.

This account is exempted from all taxes and deduction. I had to base on secondary data for preparing this report. An operating partner may give mandate to a third person to operate the account in place of him.

To analyze the performance of Jamuna bank limited different statistical and financial tools such as ratio analysis, growth analysis were done.

Overdraft Overdraft is a short-term loan granted by commercial banks to their account holders. To maintain adequate liquidity to meet maturing obligation and commitments.

General Banking of Jamuna Bank

It can commence business as soon as it receives certificate of incorporation. Customer always wants a peaceful environment.

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In addition, it helped me to know the practical knowledge of banking operation. By mobile banking customer can know about the product and service without physical interaction, mobile banking save the customer time.

Cuttings and alteration have been authenticated under full signature of the drawer. Every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others. The following problems influenced the report: I have worked only on General banking sector in this bank.

There is no restriction on maximum number though it is always advisable to keep it within manageable limit. Inter Branch Transfer of Account In case of transfer of Savings or Current account to another branch, a letter of request should be obtained and action be taken after verification of the signature and taking proper approval of the Manager.

Savings Account Savings account is suitable for non-trading and small income earners. In case it is an order cheque Payable in cash the payee is identified to satisfaction. You have to open an account with any branch of JBL. The golden principle of debiting or crediting is the same as those of double entry system.

It is realizable for high income group who have strong determination and savings habit. In case of a Dormant Account, the party shall call on the Manager personally for identification purpose.

I am not experienced enough to complete the study because I am a person of new hand on such study. Jamuna Bank Limited has already achieved tremendous progress within a short period of its operation. The behavior of employees of JBL in Dilkusha branch is very flexible. This facilities the public to pay utility bills in time.

Methodology This report is based mainly on observations that I experienced during the internship period. To diversify portfolio both in the retail and wholesale market. The cheque requisition slip duly filled in by the customer shall be forwarded to cheque posting Terminal to ascertain: Customer can choose any day from 1st to 20th day of every month as installment date.

Therefore, customer satisfaction level depends on the department. The cheque requisition slips against which cheque books have been issued shall be stitched together with vouchers of the day.

Bank reserves the right to close the scheme if customers fail to deposit 3-consecutive installments. Payment of Instrument, Dishonor of Instrument Cash Debit Voucher In case of cash debit voucher, the following points should be checked:Internship Report on General Banking Activities of Jamuna Bank - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

General Banking Function General banking Division is the most important point of all activities. It is the storage point for all kinds of transaction of foreign exchange division, loans and. Bangladesh Bank Home - - - - - For eRecruitment application visit: - - - - - SFD Circular Letter NoRevision of Uniform Format for submission of Progress Report on Green Banking Activities of Banks and Financial Institutions.

Internship Report on General Banking Activities of Jamuna bank. Experienced shared by Fatin Arefin. Jagannath University. Jamuna Bank is a semi commercial Bank in Bd. by fatin4arefin in Types > School Work, report, and intern. Interview candidates at Jamuna Bank rate the interview process an overall neutral experience.

Interview candidates say the interview experience difficulty for Jamuna Bank is hard. Some recently asked Jamuna Bank interview questions were, "During appointment, any.

Management Of Jamuna Bnak Limited (Rupshi Branch) Hrm Practice on Jamuna Bank.

exposure from the activities of the organization, The topic of this report is “General Banking Activities of one Bank Limited and Its Impact on Economic Development of Bangladesh”.A Case Study on ONE Bank Limited.

General banking activities of jamuna bnak
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