Fashion industry of pakistan

The kameez can be of varying sleeve length, shirt length, necklines. The media as well as the fashion industry of Pakistan need to evaluate their functions in a society like Pakistan, where women are courageously trying to fight stereotypes and gender roles.

It is also widely worn by women in wedding and other parties out of choice. Mostly people think that the fashion shows which they conduct depict the extremely opposite side of cultural outfit. There are many prominent names we can find in the long list of Pakistani Fashion Fashion industry of pakistan.

Laacha is worn in the Punjab, [18] the lower part of which resembles the dhoti. In an interview with The Express Tribune, the CEO of Pakistan Fashion and Design Council PFDC stated, "We are talking about developing brands, value-added products, boosting the retail sector and promoting mega mall culture in Pakistan, The fashion industry is a kind of nucleus and many other industries revolve around it.

The province has significant quantities of copper, chromite and iron, and pockets of antimony and zinc in the south and gold in the far west. It projects the softer image of Pakistan and gives a message to the whole that Pakistan is a peace loving country. So, we should accept that reality.

If you wish to know more about Pakistan and its fashion world, check out my article on Qirat Baber- karachis famous MUA and fashion queen.

The Pakistani Fashion Industry| My winter bag’17

On such occasions it is wrapped round the waist, neck or just put on a shoulder. At various levels the fashion industry accommodates female workers, such as the ones that work for the designers in the production of dresses, motifs and embroideries etc.

However, the exploitation of energy resources has been slow due to a shortage of capital and domestic political constraints. She also added different initiatives of government for the welfare of women.

Fashion industry of Pakistan and its impact on culture

The importance of building individual brands in our fashion industry cannot be over emphasized. Natural gas was discovered near Sui inand the province has been gradually developing its oil and gas projects over the past fifty years.

They have beautifully incorporated the cultural symbols into something trendy. Market Overview A fashion industry, in most countries, caters to the affluent before its designs become the norm.

Pakistani fashion trends have gained appreciation and positive reception from many fashion events all over the world. It has opened new dimensions for students.

Pakistani clothing

No doubt the glimpse of western culture is also added but is not highly adopted by people of Pakistan. Farshi Pajama is an old traditional dress which is worn occasionally. In the various well-known contest held at international level, Pakistan performance catches all attention of worldwide famous designer toward Pakistani dress and other related items.

The lehenga is another popular dress which resembles a skirt but is traditional dress. Tweet Fashion industry is always considered to be a very vital part of any country as it reflects the heritage, culture and the people of that country.

This fashion industry has created lot of job opportunities for young designers. There are around 40 high end brands and their annual sales volume runs in billions of rupees. Software development also has a huge potential, which is being utilized as a result of numerous projects initiated by the Government of Pakistan.

Fashion industry of Pakistan is quite assist-ful to scaling down the unemployment in Pakistan, providing suitable job opportunities for ladies belonging to both urban and rural areas. Important minerals found in Pakistan are gypsumlimestonechromitesiron orerock salt, silvergoldprecious stones, gemsmarble, coppercoalgraphitesulphurfire clay, silica.Sincepakistani fashion industry has taken the country by storm with its inspiring passion and gifted talent.

So much so that we have managed to make a name in the foreign market for our beautiful intricate skills within our cultural territory. Shalwar kameez has been our cultural dress since Pakistani designers are keen to distance themselves from any political activism, and believe their fashion industry is finally starting to establish itself.

The pakistan fashion industry. likes. Company. Abbas Jaffri is a Pakistani fashion model as well as known to be as a former cricketer.

Pakistan's Fashion and apparel industry is becoming an important dimension of its economy, due to its export potential worldwide. In Pakistan, the significance of fashion industry is being realized in view of its huge potential for future expansion.

Fashion Industry of Pakistan. likes. The term Pakistani fashion express the culture of Pakistan,the demographics of Pakistan and the culture of the. Fashion Industry of Pakistan should be flexible and broad in function so it can accommodate all categories of Pakistani culture and social classes.

The pulse of Pakistan’s growing fashion industry

This can assert that the field of fashion is not about being traditional or edgy; it has place for the representatives of all kind of style.

Fashion industry of pakistan
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