Essay questions for the old man and the sea

Just as Santiago calls his enemy his brother, so Hemingway, in capturing on the printed page an artwork of his creation, may be presenting his readers with aspects of his hidden self.

Hence, being a partly naturalistic figure, he is an incomplete hero; the sentimental aura cast about him further diminishes him in the eyes of some critics. He does not whine about his bad luck, nor does he blame the hand which temporarily betrays him, the marlin who challenges his strength, or the sharks who steal his catch.

The Old Man and the Sea

In spite of hunger and pain and 84 days of bad luck, Santiago keeps the faith he has in himself. To die battling such a powerful fish would not be dishonorable.

Topic Sentence 4 He dreams of days long gone by--of hand-wrestling and of golden lions on the beach of Africa. The old fisherman is partially a Christ figure: To the degree that he has free will, his flaw—determining to go out too far—is a tragic one.

The Old Man and the Sea Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Yet, after all, both marlin and sharks are explicitly said to function precisely as designed. The subject of free will thus enters. On the other hand, Santiago calls the sea la mar the feminine form in Spanishwhich Hemingway depicts as a creative, loving, but often cruel mother.

Santiago never gives in to fear or recriminations. He may be old, but he still has the endurance of El Campeon. His wounded hands pain him as though they were nailed to a piece of wood; toward the end, he carries his mast like a cross and stumbles under its weight; and, once home again, he sleeps in a cruciform position with arms out and palms up.

Yet, perhaps he was fated to do so. He has the courage left to return home, to drag himself to his hut, to face Manolin, and to accept the loss of his greatest catch. Why is its maleness emphasized? Hemingway, notoriously macho, may be suggesting that a female quarry would not be sufficiently challenging to his hero.

Santiago shows us that defeat lies only in refusing the battle, not in losing the fight.

The Old Man and the Sea Short Essay - Answer Key

In Santiago, the central character in The Old Man and the Sea, Hemingway has created a hero who personifies honor, courage, endurance, and faith. His attitude toward this great fish shows the true extent of his honor, for he takes pride in the strength and endurance of his opponent, calling it his brother.

The Old Man and the Sea Critical Essays

In a strange way, Santiago loves the fish even as his kills it. Surfacing causes its air sacks to fill and thus prevents its diving soon again, in turn predictably causing it to circle and hence be harpooned and killed. He wishes only that he had brought a stone so he could keep fighting.

The marlin is another source of puzzlement.Full Glossary for The Old Man and the Sea; Essay Questions Practice Projects Quiz Cite this Literature Note × Back to Top.

Adam Bede. has been added to your. Reading List! Ok Undo Manage My Reading list × Adam Bede. - The Old Man and the Sea - A Fish Story The book, The Old Man and the Sea, is about an old man named Santiago who struggles with a gigantic marlin fish.

This is a story of his courage, heroism, and strength. Toward the end of the novel, the old man reflects on the nature of his actions, especially the killing of the marlin, and wonders about the rightness of his actions.

Is the old man right to kill the marlin? Why or why not?

The Old Man and the Sea Questions and Answers

Analyze the old man's justifications for killing the marlin and devise an. Answers to 60 short essay questions that require students to understand and interpret The Old Man and the Sea. The Old Man and the Sea Questions and Answers - Discover the community of teachers, mentors and students just like you that can answer any question you might have on The Old Man and the Sea.

The Old Man and the Sea study guide contains a biography of Ernest Hemingway, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis.

Essay questions for the old man and the sea
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