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The choice of bird here is what makes Hardy one of the finest poets: The alliteration in this stanza intensifies the atmosphere of gloom and death. Stanza 3 In the third stanza, at the nadir of the poem, the sudden hurling out of its song by a thrush might be seen as the injection of a rather fatuous optimism into the poem.

Thomas Hardy was another great novelist, and poet, who was also encouraged at a very young age to pursue his interest in literature by his family — his mother in particular. And then the solo-singer appears, and subtly the music of the diction changes.

Song and The Darkling Thrush Essay

Hardy can see no cause for joy, but he can hope, that the thrush can see something he himself is unable to perceive. The tight rhyming gives strength and authority to the poem, but the metre is more relaxed, giving a natural and free-flowing feeling to the lines.

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But every ending is also a beginning of some sort, a limit marking the end of one thing and the start of another. Hardy is careful not to be sentimental about the thrush.

The Darkling Thrush Analysis

Stanza 2 The second stanza continues the model of the former, if anything in even stronger terms. Three run-on lines take us at full tilt to its message: The enjambement in this stanza is also important as it creates a tension in the poem and inspires the reader to uncover the reasons for the longing for role reversal.

The poem ends on an ambiguous note: Anne Bronte came from a family whose fame was established through their use of the English language throughout their many novels and poems.

The naturalistic imagery in both poems is very important and it is through this use of nature that the pessimism and true meaning of both poems are understood.

Everything is seen in terms of death: The musing tone, use of natural imagery to create and represent human moods and feelings and the simple rhyme scheme are unobtrusive and powerful.

The Darkling Thrush Themes

Nature is a prominent theme throughout the poems and conveyed through the use of the many metaphors throughout each poem. The poem, The Darkling Thrush, is written in the form of a an ode, conventionally a lyric poem in the form of an address to a particular subject, often written in a lofty, elevated style giving it a formal tone.

However, odes can be written in a more private, personal vein, as in the reflective way that Thomas Hardy writes this one.

The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy

The feeling of pessimism in this poem portrays the doubt felt by many people through naturalistic imagery, as they had just experienced the industrial evolution and were now not sure that change was the correct way forward.

But he is still close enough to the 19th century to be able to treat the bird, however warily, as a symbol of hope for the new epoch. In the last stanza: Sibilance in the first three lines creates a whispery atmosphere, a touch of wind among the stiffened branches which then fall still with the alliteration-free neutrality of "The weakening eye of day".

He chooses a an old, frail, thin, scruffy-looking thrush, not the nightingale of Miltonic and Romantic tradition. Thomas Hardy lost his own faith in Christianity early in lifepartly as a result of his reading of Auguste Comte and Charles Darwin whose On the Origin of Species Hardy had read as a young manthough he retained a fondness for the trappings of Christianity, such as church architecture and the language of the King James Bible.The Darkling Thrush, apart from echoing the Victorian traits of being a lyric or having a moral objective, is also a fitting forerunner of Modernism, for, in dealing with loss, despair, and loneliness, it reflects a trend that was going.

Free Essay: Analysis of A Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy Analysis of “The Darkling Thrush”, by Thomas Hardy As the title has already mentioned, this. Essay on The Darkling Thrush, by Thomas Hardy - There have been a number of highly talented writers who contributed much to make the British literature of the modern times a notable one.

The part played by Thomas Hardy can never be undermined in it. Dive deep into Thomas Hardy's The Darkling Thrush with extended analysis, commentary, and discussion. “Darkling thrush” The first poem that is being discussed is The Darkling thrush, written by Thomas Hardy.

The poem was difficult for me to make sense of at. The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy. The Darkling Thrush Learning Guide by PhD students from Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley.

Darkling essay hardy thomas thrush
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