Characterization in i know why the

A doughty, pragmatic precinct leader who conducts shady dealings in a thick German dialect with gracious, ladylike manners, Grandmother operates so smoothly that she glides over the matter of Mr. Even more painful are the gibes of jokesters who ridicule his impairment.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Baxter Family[ edit ] When Maya and Bailey are sent to live with her mother when they are eight and nine, they stay with her family in St. Maya has an unusual degree of curiosity and perceptiveness.

He helps Momma run her store and shows Maya kindness to the point that she wishes that he could be her father. Louis, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. McElroy "An independent Black man" 4. Flowers mainly for encouraging her love of literature. Maya and Bailey hate the guy because he always eats the best part of the Sunday meal and prays so long that the food gets cold.

Her coming of age, marked by doubts about the normalcy of her incipient womanhood, ends with the birth of a son, with whom she finally rediscovers a feeling of wholeness. Louise also helps Maya decide what to do when she receives a Valentine from Tommy Valdon. She hits him so hard his false teeth fly out of his mouth and land in front of Maya and Bailey Jr.

He comes to a black middle school and spends most of his time talking about all the awesome art and science stuff the white school in Stamps is going to get. Cullinan, who fathered the Coleman girls, two attractive daughters of a Stamps black woman.

Glory cries right along with her. Louis when Maya and Bailey are sent there to be with their mother. Sister Monroe[ edit ] A member of the Black church in Stamps. Uncle Willie Anchored to a rubber-tipped cane and shaped like a "giant black Z" from being dropped by a babysitter when he was three years old, Uncle Willie suffers a withered left hand and distortion of muscles that pull down the left side of his face.

This fierce lady married West-Indian Grandfather Baxter, and in their happy marriage, they raised six trouble-making kids.

Vivian Baxter Affectionately known as Bibbie, Vivian, who is "Mother Dear" to her children, captivates Maya with her bold red lipstick, white teeth, Lucky Strikes, and "fresh-butter color [that] looked see-through clean.

This civics and current events teacher at the preppy George Washington High School introduces Maya to the value of information. We last see the lady in a comedic scene where she is crying oh-so-hilariously over the broken dishes. Momma raises them for most of their childhood. When Maya and Bailey move to St.

Despite his lively personality, he is handsome, vain, and selfish. When she is with Louise, Maya is able to escape her troubles and play like a child should.

To facilitate counter work at the store, he leans on a special shelf.Minor Characters The Baxter Uncles (Uncle Tutti, Uncle Tom, Uncle Ira, and Uncle Billy)Maya's uncles are known for three things: their high status jobs, their respected family, and their extreme meanness. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the autobiography about the early years of African-American writer and poet Maya Angelou, features many characters, including Angelou as a child, which she has called "the Maya character".

Characterization is a physical description of a character, the way the character acts and the personality traits of the character. Bailey Johnson Jr.

is the older brother of Marguerite Ann Johnson, the protagonist of the novel, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by.

Character List Maya Angelou - (Marguerite Ann Johnson) Maya Angelou—named Marguerite Ann Johnson at birth—writes about her experiences growing up as a black girl in the rural South and in the cities of St.

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Vivian always treats Maya and Bailey well, and it is hard to imagine that she would have sent them so far away as young children.

At the same time, however, even when they live together, the children remain peripheral to Vivian’s life.

Characterization in i know why the
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