Celluon magic cube laser projection keyboard and touchpad

Virtual Projection Keyboards Laser Keyboards — How Virtual Projection Works A laser keyboard is the latest in projection technology that wirelessly displays a virtual keyboard outline onto a flat surface, allowing you to type almost anywhere with no cords or bulky equipment.

A sensor or camera in the projector picks up finger movements Software converts the coordinates to identify actions or characters. Great Ergonomic Keyboards The innovation of a more portable computers from notebooks to tablets, we always find the need for comfort while typing and gaming and thus we try to look for ways where we can find that comfort in our hands.

This is an excellent way of disposing your rudimentary tools and looking cool in the process. Great Foldable Flexible Keyboards People go wireless nowadays to eliminate those loose wires around as well as looking for that hassle free foldable keyboards are just the perfect buddy.

When a key position is touched on the surface interface, the light is reflected from the infra-red plane in the vicinity of the key and directed towards the sensor module. Bluetooth dongle technology enables the projection keyboard for point to multi-point connectivity with other Bluetooth devices, such as PCs, PDAs and mobile phone.

The sensor chip determines where infrared beam was broken. The projection keyboard detects up to characters per minute. The main devices and technologies used to project the image are a diffractive optical element, red laser diodeCMOS sensor chip and an infrared IR laser diode.

The reflected beam passes through an infrared filter to the camera. Yet with the innovation of a more portable computers from notebooks to tablets, we always find the need for comfort Software determines the action or character to be generated. Map reflection coordinates[ edit ] The reflected light user interactions with the interface surface is passed through an infra-red filter and imaged on to a CMOS image sensor in the sensor module.

Reference plane illumination[ edit ] An infra-red plane of light is generated on the interface surface. The plane is however situated just above and parallel to the surface. The processing core may track not only one, but multiple light reflections at the same time and it can support multiple keystrokes and overlapping cursor control inputs.

History[ edit ] An optical virtual keyboard was invented and patented by IBM engineers in The light is invisible to the user and hovers a few millimeters above the surface. The sensor chip has a custom hardware embedded such as the Virtual Interface Processing Core and it is capable of making a real-time determination of the location from where the light was reflected.

Thanks to various companies who invented They get so messy and often times get tangled everybody hates those tangled wires then. In that way it can emulate unlimited types of manually operated input devices such as a mouse, keyboard, and other devices.

Amazing Portability with Mini With all the users and hype around tablet PCs, the need for a more portable mini keyboards for typing comfort increases. The camera photographs the angle of incoming infrared light.

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By events it is understood any key stroke, mouse or touchpad control. This breaks the infrared beam and reflects light back to the projector. The projector is usually a small device the size of a small phone, which sits a few They make your office table or your office look unclean.

Template projection[ edit ] A template produced by a specially designed and highly efficient projection element with a red diode laser is projected onto the adjacent interface surface. The projection is realized in four main steps and via three modules: Instart-up company Canesta developed a projection keyboard using their proprietary "electronic perception technology.

A lot of techy people opt to purchase mini keyboards. Alternative uses[ edit ] Apart from simply being used to type, some laser keyboard systems can function as a virtual mouse or even as a virtual piano, such as the crowd-funded iKeybo.

Interpretation and communication[ edit ] The micro-controller in the sensor module receives the positional information corresponding to the light flashes from the sensor processing core, interprets the events and then communicates them through the appropriate interface to external devices.Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard the Cellulon Magic Cube is here to the rescue!

This device is lightweight and portable with a battery so its always suitable to be carried around with you wherever you go. You can adjust the touchpad's sensitivity and toggle back and forth between mouse and keyboard modes if that's any help.

Celluon Magic Cube Laser Projection Keyboard and Touchpad. Celluon Magic Cube - Laser Projection Keyboard with Multi-touch Mouse. Brand new. £ + £ postage; See more like this Projection Keyboard Celluon Laser Key CL Bluetooth USB.

evoMouse Computer mouse turn any surface into Touchpad, Celluon.


New (other) £ +. Here is the amazing android gadget by CELLUON named as MAGIC CUBE LASER PROJECTION KEYBOARD AND TOUCHPAD. This is rated as one of the best laser keyboard / touchpad for android device.

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It doesn't matter you own Samsung Galaxy S4 / S3, HTC one or any other android device this Laser Keyboard will work with almost. Celluon Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard makes a cool idea cooler by adding gesture-sensitive sounds to add "clicks" to keystrokes.

Updated Celluon virtual laser keyboard just 'clicks' | Crave - CNET Add a touch of wizardry to word processing when using the Magic Cube Keyboard, which uses laser beams to generate a working keyboard on most.

From wireless and HDMI connections to even SD card memory, PicoBit provides the easiest ways to project a big screen experience.

Celluon magic cube laser projection keyboard and touchpad
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