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The crime control model focuses more on positive rights for all citizens as a utilitarian value that underplays individualism, which post-Charter Canada cannot condone. Cause it would be unfair.

Prior tothe confessions of the accused needed only to be relevant and reliable. The terrorist ensures greater attention to his problems by targeting the innocent.

Judicial Power and the Charter: Third, strict punishments on criminals can have really preventive and deterrent effects Can crime control be justified essay all age groups in societyso by using harsh penalties like emprisonment,physical or financial punishments the rate of crimes can be decreased. Why has terrorism become so popular a means for achieving ends?

Prior to the Charter, Canada had a crime control emphasizing criminal system; the rights of the individual were often usurped by the effectiveness of the process.

Feeney case is an example of due process going too far. These are merely a few examples of terrorist activities around the world. Anyone who has subversive thoughts are criminals and this can even apply to toddlers nowadays. With the enactment of the Charter, criminal law enforcement is the public policy most affected 32, Morton.

Yet, to compare the killing of a murderer with that of his victim is difficult. Second, the state can apply new technologies such as surveillance cameras in the streets, shopping centers, restaurants and all public places to cease criminals.

He may also find in his violence an adequate means to express his private anger. However, there is a thin line between discipline and abuse. As we will see later, if the evidence is real and not self-incriminating and yet obtained in an illegal way, it can be admissible. Ironically they in their turn think nothing of exercising their rights by intruding upon those of the ordinary people.

I expect that I would steal anyhow if I were that desperate. In such cases, it is a blind irrational devotion to the cause that spurs the terrorist on so that he not only commits violent acts but is even is even zealous to justify his extreme violence.

Violence, the act of causing physical harm to another person willingly, has often been categorized as being an uncivilized, unjustified act. Criminalisation of institutions leads to a general sense of discontent.

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I suppose that, in the opinion of some people, that was not justified. From the crime control perspective, the criminal process must emphasize efficiency, which means the capacity to apprehend, try, convict and dispose of a high proportion of criminal offenders with the outmost speed and finality.

A lot of important measures, on the one hand, can be taken by the governments in order to reduce or even eradicate different types of crimes. To the terrorist himself, of course the means he adopts is justified. When such actions are clouded with alcohol, or not done in a rational state of mind, this violence cannot be justified.

The comparison is weak for whereas wars are fought for the sake of protecting the populace at large, terrorist activities serve the interests of a specific group only. The exclusionary rule in Canada is listed under section 24 2which states that illegally gathered evidence is inadmissible if its admission would discredit the administration of justice.

What are your views?

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Schools also carry out disciplinary actions to students who have committed offences such as cheating or stealing. It also serves as a deterrent to other potential criminals.

When the dis satisfied people have other channels like negotiated settlement non-violent civil disobedience etc open to then for expression their recourse to terrorism cannot be condoned. Darth Revan This is an interesting thread.

It is quite obvious that the rate of crimes are increasing day by day in all societies in the world, but I personally do believe that there are a lot which can be done by both the governments and the individuals to reduce the crimes in communities.

To some, capital punishment is not justified; yet they do not make a peep during the killing of Osama Bin Laden.

The Assembly-line versus the Obstacle course: An analysis of Crime Control and Due Process Models.

In this case, where other factors play a part in the use of violence, it is difficult to determine clearly whether the use of violence was right or wrong. Rajiv Gandhi, was ruthlessly blown o pieces by a terrorist.

It also goes against basic human rights as the choice to live is being taken away from the criminal. When the state itself resorts to terrorist activity in the first place, then the terrorists activities can be justified as a from of counter-terrorism.

Works Cited Hunter v. No single right can be suppressed for the sake of another.We will write a custom essay sample on Can terrorism be justified?

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control of crime, and for upholding law and order. Short essay on Law as an Instrument of Social Change. Essay on Linking Human Rights with Trade.

Crime and Punishment Essay; Crime and Punishment Essay. Problems of Society (Law, Crime, Punishment) Essay Is the government protecting future victims by showing criminals that taking an innocent life is justified by letting them keep theirs?

Capital punishment, the execution of criminals Gun Control Is Not Crime Control Essay;. Apr 05,  · View and download crime control essays examples. Also discover topics, titles, outlines, thesis statements, and conclusions for your crime control essay.

The Problem Of Crime Control Criminology Essay. Career Criminal. Abraham Espinoza. Course number and title. Instructor’s name. University. Date. The problem of crime control is one of the most vital problems in our society.

Is Violence ever justified Essay Sample. The debate about the use of violence has been on going for the last decade. Violence, the act of causing physical harm to another person willingly, has often been categorized as being an uncivilized, unjustified act.

Law enforcers and crime analysts use this model to study the issues that are created.

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