Caltech electronic thesis

As the year progresses, the electrical engineering faculty get to know the student, and the student makes contact with the professor in his or her area of research interest.

EE abc, Electrical Engineering Seminar, is also required. Tuition scholarships alone are not available. This examination must be taken at least four weeks before the commencement at which the degree is to be granted.

Graduate Program

The statement of purpose required as part of the application should clearly address this match. Completed applications are due in the Graduate Office between December 15 and January The courses taken to satisfy the math requirement below and courses taken to fulfill the Master of Science degree requirement may be included to satisfy this requirement.

Financial aid available to a Ph. Some options will review an application received after the deadline, but that applicant may be at a disadvantage in the allocation of financial assistance or in the priority for admission. Students are strongly encouraged to do this before the end of the second year of residency.

For more information on this policy, please refer to page Degree of Doctor of Philosophy As a rule, applicants who wish to undertake research work leading to a degree of Doctor of Philosophy in electrical engineering are admitted initially only for the MSEE.

Students are urged to consider including a humanities course in the remaining free electives. Aims and Scope of the Graduate Program Award of the Bachelor of Science degree may be followed by graduate study leading to the Master of Science degree in electrical engineering, and the more advanced degrees of Electrical Engineer or Doctor of Philosophy.

Pass a qualifying oral examination covering broadly the major field. A fellowship may be supplemented by a teaching assistantship, and either or both include a full tuition scholarship. This must, however, be done no later than the end of the third academic year.

Please refer to the Graduate Office website for specific deadlines. Students are also encouraged to meet with other members of the Ph. The California Institute of Technology encourages applications from members of groups underrepresented in science and engineering, including women.

Applicants should submit Graduate Record Examination scores. This final examination will be given no less than two weeks after the doctoral thesis has been presented in final form, and before its approval. Admission sometimes may have to be refused solely on the basis of limited facilities in the option concerned.

At least 54 units of EE letter-graded courses courses listed or cross-listed as EE labeled or above and not counting EE or EE are required.

Units toward this requirement are not transferable from other schools. These meetings should be at sufficiently frequent intervals, as determined by the student and adviser.

Units toward this are not transferable from other schools. In general, admission to graduate standing is effective for enrollment only at the beginning of the fall term. Obtain approval of a course of study consisting of at least units of advanced courses in electrical engineering or the related subjects approved by the Ph.

Because admission to graduate studies in electrical engineering at Caltech is extremely competitive, the Admissions Committee attempts to select those applicants it judges both best qualified and best suited for the graduate program.

He or she must obtain approval from the electrical engineering faculty of a course of study containing at least 45 units over the level of advanced courses with an EE listing excluding EE and Admission will be granted only to a limited number of students of superior ability, and application should be made by the posted deadlines.

He or she must, moreover, have attained such a scholastic record and present such recommendations as to indicate fitness to pursue, with distinction, advanced study and research. Members of these Ph. Applicants will automatically be considered for financial aid; no additional application is required.

TA duties consist of grading papers or lab instruction but not classroom lecturing. It is based in part on performance in courses and in part on a one-hour oral presentation scheduled early in the second quarter. Freshman classes cannot be counted toward this. Only up to 27 units in research e.

At least 36 of these should be for letter grades no lower than C. Students who have been admitted to the M. Subject Minor A student majoring in another option at the Institute may elect a subject minor in electrical engineering.

Before the end of his or her second academic year of graduate study, the student normally takes the Ph.Library Workshop - You and Your Thesis Event box This class will give a brief overview of techniques useful in the production and publication of Caltech electronic theses, including tips on.

Welcome to CaltechTHESIS. CaltechTHESIS is a growing repository of Ph.D., Engineer, Master's and Bachelor's/Senior theses authored by Caltech students. It is updated continuously as students add new theses, and as library staff scan and add older theses. See where researchers in the Geological and Planetary Science division are doing their thesis work!

Explore our interactive map at This class will give a brief overview of techniques useful in the production and publication of Caltech electronic Library Workshop: Overview of Library Resources. Site content. Caltech Theses: Templates Ph.D.

theses must be submitted in electronic form as part of the graduation requirements for Caltech. This guide serves as a stepping-off point for this process.

PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, January 18 Shannon Kao.

Library Workshop - You and Your Thesis

Detonation Stability with Reversible Kinetics. PhD thesis, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, June Electronic version available to internal users at Caltech Electronic Thesis Distribution (ETD).

19 James Karnesky. Caltech has a reputation as a world-class research university, and it is no exaggeration to say that much of this reputation is based on the quality of its graduate students.

The Electrical Engineering Department at Caltech is no exception: its bright and motivated graduate students collaborate with its professors in their research efforts and make it one of the top Electrical Engineering departments in the country.

Caltech electronic thesis
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