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So what can the government do? It should be patient. The move seems to have paid off. One of the main reasons for the growing popularity of these toys is that they are seen as safe for children to play with.

Now he needs money to grow the actual company. It could be first in line to buy and test new ideas. Many entrepreneurs in the Sine business incubator hope the government will step in to fill that gap - at least until they are big enough to attract outside funding.

Toymaking may not survive into the next generation But surprisingly, not everyone is interested in this booming market. Low hanging fruit In India, hi-tech start-ups are a place where angels fear to tread. In fact, business has never looked better for these toymakers. And after the recent scares over the safety of toys from China, demand for these Indian products is picking up.

But things were hard there as well. Now he has regular orders and a steady source of income. But over the past few months consumers here have been holding back due to high interest rates, rising food prices and fears of inflation. Neelsandra Prasad is continuing a local tradition A toymaker by tradition, Mr Prasad learnt the fine art of making wooden toys when he was a child from his father.

According to him, as time passes by, the income from the business will dwindle and his descendents will have far more problems than he does now.

Supriya Menon BBC Reporter Photos & Videos

These days she pays nearly double. Be patient The question is how to change that. Not that long ago Ms More used to pay only 25 cents 12 pence for a kilo of wheat.

Why has an Indian state imposed a 'fat tax'?

Earlier this month, Wipro chairman Azim Premji said it would be years before India could come up with a global gadget like the iPod, because it has been so focussed on "low hanging fruit", and developing services rather than products. In fact inflation here is recorded at 4.

But while many are agreed that the idea behind this scheme is commendable, its implementation has been far from perfect. If the current trend continues, Mr Solomon expects demand to double by the end of Take year-old Abdul Suban Noori, who has been making toys for the last 45 years.Oct 16,  · P rithviraj is married to a reporter from BBC India, Supriya Menon.

IMAGE: Prithviraj with wife Supriya Menon and daughter Alankrita on the Vanitha magazine cover. T hey have two-year-old daughter. Apr 25,  · According to sources, the actor is tying the knot with Supriya Menon, a BBC journalist, in a small ceremony today, in the district of Palakkad, Supriya.

India's Kerala state imposes a 'fat tax' to curb obesity, but there are doubts whether it is fair, reports Supriya Menon.

Supriya Menon BBC Reporter Photos & Videos.

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Posted Date: 24 Apr Photos of Supriya Menon-BBC Reportor Supriya Menon Video on India Business Report Here is a video of supriya menon reporting to BBC.

Job oriented Digital Marketing Courses in. New twist in India's old toy story By Supriya Menon Business reporter, BBC News, Channapatna Neelsandra Prasad, 35, is busy carving out a future for himself and his family in his hometown, Channapatna, nearly 60km (38 miles) from Bangalore in southern India.

INDIA BUSINESS REPORT Cash crunch. Nov 21,  · BBC World features Kiran Mazumdar in it's India Business Report. BBC World features Kiran Mazumdar in it's India Business Report. Acting with Anjali Menon can be excruciating.

Bbc india business report supriya menon pictures
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