Alternate ending to the most dangerous

He unsteadily got up from the bathroom floor. He tried to grab everything before the dogs could catch the scent, but it was too late. He took a brief glance around before spotting a narrow door.

His quarry would most likely survive for another day of amusement. His eyes snapped open, and he was able to see the distorted image of some kind of opening in the cliff face. The bitter wind slashed his neck and tore at the bare skin on his back.

It was then that the general took the fatal step. Although unaware of where he was going, Rainsford was desperate to put some distance between the general and himself.

With the large hunting knife in hand, he went back up to the breakfast table. He stabbed Whitney again and again, like a madman. It was best not to assume that Zaroff had called it quits when Rainsford had jumped over the cliff.

It was quite enjoyable," said the General. With a great effort to stand up, Rainsford got a better look around the small cave.

Your review has been posted. The smaller one he shoved into his pocket. I rushed out and saw you fall into the sea.

Alternate ending: The Most Dangerous Game

Abruptly, the bushes stopped rustling… Rainsford was once again making his way through the jungle. His heart thumped wildly. But only one can indulge himself in the soft, excellent bed. The hunter turned the light on.

Alternate Ending to “The Most Dangerous Game”

As Rainsford unpacked a few more food items, he kept wondering, "What if the dogs are already released? What could he do, splash the savage general with water?

In his anger, he took his very expensive cigarette case and threw it into the sea. And in blood and bodies, someone had written: Fresh ideas formed in his head, and his mind set to work in order to bring them to life.

He slid on his knees, landing right next to the toilet. Rainsford shook his head. He drew his breath and prepared himself to turn the knob. Rainsford was beginning to panic, since he remembered what the General had said about the second day: He took out a few selected items and re wrapped the bag.

Rainsford decided to take the initiative and ran! It was surrounded by numerous bushes, trees and shrubs.

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As he arrived, he found the tracks extremely strange. The mildly intoxicated Devil was finally tackled to the stone walls! As a few more hours passed, Rainsford began looking for an area to rest.Oct 01,  · The Most Dangerous Game (alternate ending) The wind howled in Rainsford’s ears as he plunged downward.

Barks of Zaroff’s hunting dogs, angered by the escape their quarry had made, prevailed over the sounds of the waves and wind, adding to the orchestra of noise. The Most Dangerous Game: Alternate Ending.

In his library the General read, to soothe himself, from the works of Marcus Aurelius. At ten he went up to his bedroom. At the end of "The Most Dangerous Game", Rainsford wins the game.

Although the hunt was the initial challenge, when the two men come face to face in Zaroff's bedroom, he issues another challenge to Rainsford. May 22,  · Whitney asked, as he passed Rainsford a plate of steak and potatoes. Rainsford shook his head. “No. But I think it had something to do with that Ship-Trap Island.” Captain Nielson’s eyes widened.

Alternate Ending to the Most Dangerous Game

“Do you know the folklore told about ships that pass that island?” he said. Rainsford and Whitney both had the most perplexed faces. IN the actual ending of Richard Connell's "The Most Dangerous Game," Sanger Rainsford is successful at beating General Zaroff.

Zaroff allows his "prey" three days to allude him. If his "prey" is successful, he states that the prey will be set free. The Most Dangerous Game Alternate Ending Rainsford peered over the shore.

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He contemplated jumping, but a peculiar yellow speck of light prevented him from doing so. The glint of light challenged him and he could hear .

Alternate ending to the most dangerous
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