A first college semester reflection

I think that the semester was pretty good since I was still getting used to college and adapting. During my second semester, I learned that you just have to dive right into working hard. I finally get to do something I am passionate about.

Just stop with this whole lanyard business. What will my modules be like? During my first semester of college, I spent a lot time trying to get myself motivated, listening to inspirational music and reading articles on study tips.

Not to mention there are many programs to help students and to enhance student life. I also At times some lectures can be quite difficult to grasp, which requires that extra bit of time going over and over.

And paying bills for college and life away from parents is an intensive task. I found that the more books and sources I read, allowed me to understand everything easier, which helped be greatly in writing and referencing my assignments. When I first received the fantastic news of my acceptance in Psychology in Dublin Business School, I knew that this would be the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

As a millennial, I feel that there is a constant pressure for me to strive for perfection because that is what society and social media expects from my generation. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

It was going to be a new beginning. It has always been one of my desires to improve with my studies in order to reach my goals.

I find myself being more of a visual learner, using visual strategies when learning. As I mention before, I have a bad habit of zoning out of attention and daydreaming when it comes to listening in class.

By doing and performing the work, it makes the information easier to process. I yearned for the year to begin. However, despite by nerves at the time, assigning us with a presentation as our first assignment of the year was a great way of allowing us to gain more confidence in ourselves, as well as getting to work in groups and perform well as a team.

I try to make a balance of studying, work, and getting to enjoy my social life. With this in mind, we live in a world where anything can become possible.

Every now and then we may see ourselves having our own ups and downs, but I guess life is full of challenges that we must be able to overcome to see what tomorrow may have in store for us. But as Randy Pausch also said about experience in his Last Lecture, "experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.

I was also glad when we were told not to click drop classes when making a schedule on esims, since you would have to pay if you did.

As I aspire to become a psychologist in the future, it is important that I am continuously improving on my skills, such as dealing with people in distress, be able to remain calm in stressful situations, communication and listening skills, working well in a team, and have good problem-solving and decision-making skills.

And if help is needed, I gladly return the favour. In doing so I worked on developing my ability in less dominant styles, as well as further developing styles which I already use. Apart from studying the course I have always wanted, the excitement of being in a new environment, meeting new people, broadening my skills, and enhancing my knowledge in something I genuinely enjoy learning about, rushed right through me.

However, I am only human and I firmly believe that all the other college freshmen out there can relate as well, especially when asked what their major is. It was finally time to get to work and meet my lecturers.First Semester Reflection; Course Work It is strange to think that my first semester of college is already complete.

It seems like just yesterday that I was sitting in Orientation sessions with strangers. However, upon my completion of this semester I have not only gained many new friendships.

A Reflection on My First Semester in College

First-Year Reflections. By: Carol Sun Little did I know, my first year of college would bring about so many experiences, both positive and negative, that would forever change me. The first couple of weeks were a complete party.

All freshmen around me were completely enthralled by the newfound freedom that college came with. E-Portfolios.

My First Semester of College Experience

My Reflection on My First Semester of College By Isabella Eleanor Cabrera - Nov 17 6 shares. If there’s anything new that I’ve learned since entering college, it’s to never give up.

The first semester of my freshman year of college was a whole bunch of not getting what I wanted. Not getting things that I applied for.

Not fitting into the group of people that I wanted to be. View Notes - First College Semester Reflection from EN at Northern Michigan University. Jamie Carter Instructor: Tara Acton EN 23 April Final Reflection As I am writing this reflection.

The first semester of college for a young man or women can be a monumental step in their life. In my case it was. It was the first time that I had been away from my home in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. I was not necessarily scared to be away, but I was a little worried about the transition from the /5(2).

A first college semester reflection
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